Events - Wasaga Beach Park activation 2020

This is a tentative date, if the weather is poor or HF conditions are poor, then we will move it to another date. We schedule this for after the beach has closed for the season.

We will setup HF antennas and equipment around 9:30am or so and contact as many stations as we can before shutting down around 3 or 4pm..

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is a designated WWFF (World Wide Flora Fauna in Amateur Radio) site # VEFF-0426.
Also it is a BOTA (Beaches on the Air) site # BOTA-35468.
It is also hunted under the POTA (Parks on the Air) program as # VE-0426.

Bring your lunch unless you plan on eating downtown.

If you plan on setting up your own HF station, please use "shorted quarter wavelength" stubs to reduce interference to/from others operating near you. See: for more info.