Builders' Group - Club Equipment

The club's repeater is an analog FM repeater with call sign VE3RAG on 147.000 MHz and requires a 156.7 Hz tone for access. This repeater has IRLP (node # 2039) and Echolink (node # 731301) using EchoIRLP software running on a Raspberry Pi 2 computer. This repeater is located on a high point in Barrie, and provides excellent coverage within the city and extends into many communities surrounding the City of Barrie.

The EchoIRLP was recently updated to a Raspberry Pi computer. To call an IRLP node, no prefix is required; to call an Echolink node, a prefix of "#" is required. To disconnect from a node, "73" is used.

Area Repeaters
The Lake Simcoe Repeater Association operates regional area repeaters VE3LSR and VA3LSR on:

FM 6m 53.070 (-) MHz
FM 2m 146.850 (-) MHz (156.7Hz)
FM 2m 147.315 ( ) MHz (156.7Hz)
FM 70cm 442.575 ( ) MHz (103.5 Hz)
D-STAR 2m 145.190 (-) MHz
D-STAR 70cm 444.350 ( ) MHz
DMR 70cm 443.5625 ( ) MHz
APRS 2m 144.390 MHz

147.315 has IRLP (node 2688)

Currently the VA3BNI repeater on 444.275 ( ) MHz (103.5 tone) is linked to CANWARN.

Weekly Net
The Monday Night Net happens weekly on the VE3RAG repeater at 7:30pm. All hams within the repeater coverage area are welcome to join in.

Emergency Equipment
The club provides operators for an amateur radio HF/VHF/UHF station located along with City of Barrie emergency communications equipment at fire hall #1 at 155 Dunlop St. W. The call sign VE3EOB is used for this station.

Antenna Analyzer
If you need to set up a new antenna then ask about signing out the club antenna analyzer.