WAX Group

The Wireless Amateur Experimenter (WAX) Group consists of members of the Barrie Amateur Radio Club who enjoy building projects for our ham radio hobby from kits or individual parts, instead of just buying ready made.
The WAX Group is BARC's Builder's Group, attracting hams who want to do more than just operate.
We have fun soldering - if you don't know how to solder, we will teach you. We also promote learning and using CW and getting out of your house to a park or other location to operate - whether it be QRP (low power) or higher power, CW or SSB.

Once a club member who is a member of the WAX Group has HF privileges, and has demonstrated that he has built a kit and can send and receive CW at a speed of at least 10 w.p.m., he will be issued a numbered WAX Group certificate.

If you are retired, think about joining the Barrie RFARC Group (Retired Farts Amateur Radio Coffee Group). Those without a job can receive a Certificate of Membership from this esteemed coffee drinking group of hams. This group meets once or twice a week or at irregular intervals at 2:30pm, currently at the McDonalds on Bayfield at Livingston.

The WAX Group has its own call sign, VE3WEX but also uses the club call VE3GCB.

WAX Group email: buildergroup@barriearc.com

Currently the WAX Group meets each Thursday evening at 7pm on Google Meet video conferencing: meet.google.com/zhh-shws-eak

Old WAX Group web page: ve3rrd.ddns.net (running on a Raspberry Pi)
Old WAX Group blog: barrie-wax-group.blogspot.ca

WAX Group pamphlet

Print on both sides and fold.