A.R.E.S. - CEMC Conference

For those interested in presentation materials and video, please check back on this page in a few days!

The EC/CEMC Conference, hosted by the Barrie Amateur Radio Club, was held on April 7, 2018 at the Holly Community Center and was a great success. Forty five attendees heard presentations from a variety of speakers representing the Red Cross, the City of Barrie Fire Department, Environment Canada, Amateur Radio Emergency Services and the Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio Systems, among others.

There was plenty of opportunity for emergency management officials, non-governmental organizations and amateur radio operators to compare experiences and build new relationships. Presentations tables demonstrating radio systems were set up by the Barrie Amateur Radio Club and the Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System. Radio manufacturer Icom had a display and representative on hand to show off their latest products. The York Region Amateur Radio Club even brought their impressive communications trailer to show what a rapid mobile deployment of radio systems looks like.

Our thanks goes out to the City of Barrie Fire Department for their support in organizing the venue and Zehrs grocers for their generous contribution towards the provided lunch.