Builders' Group - Radio Activities

Field Day
The club will set up solar/battery/generator powered HF stations in St. Vincent Park on the Barrie waterfront for the weekend of June 23 - 24. Field Day starts at 2pm our time on Saturday and ends at 2pm our time on Sunday.
See for more information about Field Day.

Lighthouse Activation
Club members set up a temporary battery powered 100W HF station beside the Victoria Harbour Lighthouse for the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend which will be on August 18th and 19th.
See for more information.

Provincial Park Activation
Members set up a battery/solar powered 100W HF station by the beach at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park after the beaches close in October. This is to take part in the Parks on the Air (WWFF) and Beaches on the Air programs.
See for information about the Parks on the Air (POTA).
See for information about Beaches on the Air (BOTA).

Many of the WAX Group members enjoy operating QRP (low power) transceivers. We get together occasionally at Sunnidale Park (or other park) in Barrie to have some fun operating.

The "QRP to the Field" contest is an opportunity to have fun, takes place on April 21 from 8am to 6pm our time.
See for details.
The "Ontario QSO Party" is also on the weekend of April 21 and 22.
See for details.