Our Classes

A Basic Amateur Radio Qualification course is offered by the Barrie Amateur Radio Club once each year (starting in January), contact the club (hamcourse@barriearc.com) if you are interested.

The upcoming basic course starts on January 22, 2020 at 7pm in classroom 112 at Eastview Secondary School. The course is approximately 12 evenings long with each class from 7pm until about 9pm. The final exam will be held on 29 April.

Total cost is $100. This includes a binder of study materials, a copy of the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide and the administration of a final exam by an I.S.E.D. accredited examiner.

If you enroll in this course and obtain your certificate and call sign, you will receive a full membership in the club with your dues waived for the remainder of your first year.

In 2017 14 people completed the class and obtained their basic licenses. In 2018 there were 16 new hams created, and in 2019 there were 21 people who successfully completed the course and got their call sign.

The next course will begin in January 2021.