Both the club and it's members who participate in A.R.E.S. are involved in the community. The club reaches out the the community to expose the public to amateur radio. ARES usually becomes involved with the community when an outside organization asks for assistance from amateur radio operators at an event.

Community Services is a way for ARES Teams to train and work in their communities, providing communications at public events. Police and fire radios are for tactical or operational traffic in emergencies. Amateur Radio offers administrative radio communications options for use in your overall management and coordination of the event. These radio communication links may be used to connect multiple agencies to an Emergency Operations Center or in a Community event can link coordinators with Emergency personnel, Race officials and other groups using their own communication systems. You have instant communications from the starting line to the finish line, the official's area, net control, water stations, aid stations, medical facilities, floats, grandstands, parking areas, and medical command facilities.