Club Fun

The club Builder Group (WAX Group) gets together every Thursday evening with a virtual meeting on the internet.

The BARC Classic Challenge 2021 ran for the entire month of February. Winners are listed below

High Score "phone"Brian - VE3XNS
High Score "CW"Al - VE3RRD
High Score "Overall"Tom - VE3THR
High Score "Rookie"Michel - VE3WCX

Several club members took part in the April 2021 Ontario QSO Party contest. As a club group our total score was 75,308. Individual scores are listed below, everyone was using the N3FJP contest software.

Tom - VE3YTN41,810360
Brian - VE3XNS22,825266
Tom - VE3THR7,320119
Al - VE3RRD1,16641
Andrew - VA3NED1,02033
Ed - VA3EDB60929
Don - VE3WPK28019
John - VE3FDZ19019
Randy - VA3XFE8811
Total: 975,308897

A number of club members are having fun "hunting" and/or "activating" parks under the "Parks on the Air" program. Go to to find out more. On any day there are numerous park activators on HF calling "CQ POTA".
There is a friendly competition between POTA hunters in our club to see who can contact the most. Currently Tom VE3THR is leading with 510 different parks. John VE3TTP with 343 parks is second, and Brian VE3XNS is third with 311 parks. Note that these numbers will change daily.