About - Club History and Awards

The club started as a loosely knit group of hobbyists in the mid 1960’s and formally organized as a club in 1968. At that time they were meeting in the basement of the old Registry Office building which was located at the site of the old County Court House building in Barrie. The building was being used by the Emergency Measures Organization.

Later, with connections to Georgian College, BARC meetings were held in the Rowntree Theatre at the College. In fact, the club call sign VE3GCB was picked to represent “Georgian College Barrie”, and the club repeater VE3RAG was located in the penthouse on one of the college campus buildings. In 1982 with the help of 10 of the active members, the organization was incorporated in the province of Ontario. For several years, the Club met at the Zehrs Store Community Room on Bayfield Street and on Big Bay Point Road at Yonge Street, then it met for a number of years at Barrie North Collegiate.

Excellent Achievement in the Hobby of Amateur Radio
Donated by: Bev Poste VE3NP (SK) & Len Morris VE3FJB (VA3LM)

This trophy is presented annually to the BARC member who has done the most in service to the club

1985 Steve Ogden – VE3AEN
1985 Marion Bolechowsky – VE3NLN
1997 Darrell Drake – VA3DG
1998 Brad Ford – VE3SLI
1999 Ken Short – VE3OKS
2000 Wendy Ford – VA3WCF
2001 Peter Murphy – VE3PJM
2002 Terry Barrett – VA3KLG
2003 Bill Ball – VE3MVU
2004 Alex McGuire – VE3PKA
2005 Al Duncan – VE3RRD
2006 Alex McGuire – VE3PKA
2007 Al Duncan – VE3RRD
2008 Al Duncan – VE3RRD
2009 Ted Pino – VA3TWP
2012 Doug Mein – VA3DM
2018 Jason Tremblay - VE3JXT

The Alan Lowry Friendship in Amateur Radio Award
Created by Ruth & Raye Mossman VE3WFE/VE3FWG

This trophy to be presented annually to the amateur who best exemplifies the spirit, comradery and quest for knowledge fostered by Al Lowry VE3AL (SK)

2005 – Ken Park VE3KPP (SK)
2018 - Jack Hartley VE3RDQ