Our Club’s Mission
Promote amateur radio in the community and provide the training and support required to become an amateur radio operator;

Maintain radio systems suitable for providing communications for the benefit of the community and, when requested, to assist civil authorities;

Provide an opportunity for amateur radio enthusiasts to socialize, learn, exchange ideas and contribute to the enjoyment of our hobby.

Our Club’s Vision
We aim to be one of the most enthusiastic and friendly amateur radio clubs in Canada and support ham radio for all in our community.

What we do
The Barrie Amateur Radio Club currently meets monthly at the Eastview Secondary School at 421 Grove St. East (in the Cafetorium), and provides service to the community and amateur radio operators of central Ontario.

We have dedicated sub-groups, including:
The Wireless Amateur Experimenter's (WAX) group consists of members of the Barrie Amateur Radio Club who enjoy building projects for our ham radio hobby from kits or individual parts, instead of just buying ready made. We have fun soldering, and don't mind occasionally "letting the smoke out" of what we build.

The Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) group is the local chapter of a North American organization that consists of amateur radio operators who have volunteered for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. Training may be required to participate fully in ARES. The possession of emergency-powered equipment is desirable, but is not a requirement.

The club participates in community events whenever possible. It varies from things like providing communications for Run for the Cure to having an information booth at community events.