News - 2018 March Club Meeting

The March meeting was delayed because of the March break, but it was worth the wait. Mike (VE3MKX), Bill (VA3OL) and Andy (VA3TNE) led an interesting show and tell of radio accessories such as an external DSP filter, a frequency counter, an old monitor scope, and various adapter cables. There were tips about inexpensive ways to adapt parts for radio, including Mike's tip about center speakers from a surround sound kits being tuned for voice. Andy highlighted the falling price of 3D printers while showing off his creations.

There was a lot of interest in Mike's MFJ Code Tuner and discussion of resources for learning morse code.

Planning continued for the club hamfest, emergency management conference and field day.

Because of an increase in club activity, Michael (VE3QZQ) was appointed information officer and planned to begin website upgrades.

Don't miss next month's meeting where Dana Shtun will be the guest speaker.